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Looking for the next gain in your athletic pursuits and tuning into your natural abilities? Sports therapy and acupuncture could be your missing key. At Capital City Acupuncture & Natural Medicine, we specialize in creating personalized plans to aid in your goals.

How can Sports Medicine Help?

How could sports medicine boost your performance? While we can speak extensively on the history of benefits and medical applications of acupuncture, when it comes to sport-related injuries, the goal is to return to training and competition quickly and fully healed. Utilizing our years of experience to assess your movement, your injury, and your goals, we will safely navigate your journey to pre-injury status, making sure you return to training while regaining as much usage and mobility of any injuries you bring to us. Staying in better touch with your body helps you to anticipate where to focus on training and strengthening to achieve your goals. Are injuries a must for sports acupuncture? No. Sports acupuncture can be an integral  part of the recovery program for any athlete. The incredible ways your body connects and works with itself allows us to help you if you hit a wall, to help identify the source of something you weren’t aware of stalling your progress. Regular acupuncture sessions improve circulation, pain relief and training recovery. Targeting your injuries offers overall health and physical performance improvements while bringing pain relief and growth in many ways:


  • Provides pain relief by prompting the brain to deliver pain relieving endorphins and other chemicals to the body as a whole and any acute areas

  • Turns on the “rest and digest” part nervous system which is crucial to both physical and mental recover

  • Can reduce inflammation from repetitive muscular use by encouraging your blood vessels to dilate, helping your body remove inflammatory response mediators and increase muscular performance and longevity

  • Works specifically on muscle trigger points to allow relaxation by disrupting signals in cramped or contracted groups of muscles

  • Can accelerate healing of injured or overused muscles by reducing inflammation and pain responses and leaving room for recovery 

  • Can stop or significantly lessen muscle spasms and can allow for further relaxation when it is necessary and hasn’t been achieved through other means 

  • Can completely prevent long-lasting and damaging tendon injuries by providing immediate and acute treatment for an injury, and generally aid in reinjury prevention 

  • Encourages starting rehab treatment for injuries sooner and more effectively by providing necessary pain relief 

Sports therapy is for proactive athletes looking to better themselves, for speeding and ensuring optimal recovery of injuries, for those looking to achieve new goals previously unattainable. Sports therapy is for everyone, schedule your appointment for a conversation about your starting point and goals. We’re always excited to see progress and celebrate every milestone you set to improve, to overcome, to feel stronger and healthier. Let’s start your achievements together at Capital City Acupuncture.