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Capital City Acupuncture & Natural Medicine provides the ideal healing environment for recovery and maintenance of your health. Combining the best of Eastern and Western medicine, we focus on being your best and last solution. We offer a unique approach to health care. We work in collaboration with Western medical providers, we strive in the pursuit of excellence for the highest standards of health care.

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We are Salem, Oregon’s innovative acupuncture clinic where eastern and western medicine collide

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About Dr. Lundberg

Dr. Katie Lundberg has a unique skillset she brings to her Salem clinic.  She has seen the impressive results that the combination of acupuncture and natural medicine can have on a person’s quality of life as well as the speed of their recovery. Capital City Acupuncture was founded to bring world-class care for treatment of difficult conditions. With over a decade of experience and many tools at her fingertips, Dr. Lundberg is able to design a treatment plan that is uniquely yours.