Capital City Acupuncture: Women's Health Program in Salem, Oregon

The concept of health is something we think about every single day: how to eat better, resolutions to work out, and discovering the importance of treating your body kinder. Self-care is something people can find challenging to truly accept and put effort into, especially in an era of gender bias when seeking treatment. When providing care for women’s health we bring our A game to deliver results for the benefit of your daily life. Now you may be wondering, what does women’s health cover? All of it, from head to toe we have answers and help. Bring us your questions and concerns, be it a shift in habits, a new perspective on your needs, or a diagnosis and treatment plan. Your health solution starts here. Dr. Lundberg values the speed and importance of every patient’s recovery, and being able to give her clients the help they were looking for is her goal. Our office is connected with Western practitioners in Oregon to facilitate diagnosis and treatment. Whatever your recovery requires, our team will work with you to get you the improvement you’re looking for. 

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Personalized Women's Health

Our in-office treatments provide comfort and a framework to rebuild your new vision of health for yourself, and we offer consultations and advice on all aspects of your normal habits to find opportunities and discover options for you. Taking into account environmental factors such as fragrances, allergens, hormone imbalances, mental fatigue, stress, and so much more, together we reveal the full picture of your path to wellness. In our holistic approach, we find it the most important to truly hear your priorities and aid you where it counts the most. Our staff is experienced in aiding women to learn more about what’s happening under the surface. To dispel harmful misinformation about women’s health, we lead with education and love. By relieving pain, exhaustion, or minor symptoms that have been following you, you gain new energy and a new spring in your step. Allow your body to heal, and let us help you get some care and relief. 

Salem, Oregon’s Leader in Natural Medicine for Women

Acupuncture and natural medicine bring you more targeted treatments, widespread improvements to muscular, organ, and nerve systems, and alternatives to options you’ve tried. Proven to improve regulatory functions, acupuncture’s benefits can be seen in more serious or perplexing cases. A dismissed symptom of discomfort or inability to participate in day to day tasks can become a shackle to your confidence: feeling you can’t have as much fun with your friends, work becoming disproportionately difficult, or feeling like caring for your family and yourself is more than your body can manage. But these are not signs of weakness, they are your body speaking to you, giving you clues, and asking for help.